Joy of the Pen


Maine is a state full of writers, whether it is the natural beauty of the terrain that is inspirational or something within the temperament of the artist that is drawn to the independent spirit of the place, there is a long tradition of authors residing here. Joy of the Pen is a wonderful platform to show off their talent and to provide a community event to bring everyone together.

This year, we awarded the following prizes, sponsored by The Cryer: The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award, Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award and Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award and sponsored by Just Write Books: Maine-related Nonfiction Award and Honorable Mention. We also awarded Honorable Mentions in Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction, sponsored by the Friends of The Topsham Public Library and a Teen Award and Honorable Mention sponsored by TPL Teen Scene. You can read the winning entries and author bios, watch readings and much, much more on the online Joy of the Pen Literary Journal.

  • The competition is open to year-round residents of Maine and for unpublished work only.


The 2018 Joy of the Pen application process now underway through October 6th. Please visit the online Joy of the Pen Literary Journal for more information.  You’ll also find a full description, winning entries, photos, audio clips of readings, and author bios.  Subscribe via email to stay up to date on the latest news.

Joy of the Pen Reception, Saturday, November 17th at 1PM

Contact Emma for more details about this annual writing competition…

Congratulations to the 2017 winners!

Cecelia Hitte for My Palestine – The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award

Margaret Elliott for Magda’s Wren – Fiction Honorable Mention

Stephen Bloom for Bomb  – Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award

Nicole Jakubowski for I am Vinalhaven  – Poetry Honorable Mention

John Leggett for James E. Strates and Pagan Jones  – Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award

Monica Kissane for Redemption (The Funeral) – Nonfiction Honorable Mention

Hannah Wilson for Daddy Issues  – TPL Teen Scene Award

Natalia Pinette for Yellow Bird  – Teen Honorable Mention

Robin Orm Hansen for Meddling with the Children of Others  – Just Write Maine-related Nonfiction Award