About Us

“Libraries are what is best about us as a society: open, exciting, rich, informative, free, inclusive, engaging.”
– Susan Orlean, Author


Started in 1998, The Friends of the Topsham Public Library is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to supporting the Topsham Public Library.  The Friends value the Topsham Public Library as a cultural, educational and recreational center and contribute time, effort, and resources to further develop the library’s potential as a dynamic force in our community.  The Friends augment the library budget through fundraising to finance virtually all library programs and events.  Annual membership, donations, and patronage of the annual book sale strengthens the Topsham Public Library and ensures the continued growth of Library services.


  • To establish closer relations between the Topsham Public Library and the community;
  • To promote informed interest in its functions, resources, services and needs;
  • To promote via the Library additional cultural activities;
  • To confer with and support the Board of Trustees and the Staff of the Library on matters relating to the welfare of the institution;
  • To support both financially and by advocacy the extension and improvement of the Library’s services and resources.


The Friends is guided in its work by:

• Creative, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to library issues;
• The encouragement of broad based participation and financial support for the library;
• Responsible stewardship of its resources in perpetuity.


Every year, the Friends organizes events and special programs for and in support of the Topsham Public Library: 

  • Signature ‘JOY’ exhibits that celebrate, support, and promote local artists and writers
  • Annual Book Sale
  • Summer reading programs for children, teens, and adults
  • Family passes to area museums